Terms of Service

Terms of Service





The website www.findartdoc.com, proposes an important numerical library for consulting documents, mainly consisting of magazines, monographs, general books and catalogues of sales and exhibitions collected from over thirty years and dedicated to 20th century art throughout the world and its different cultures.


It is run by INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS, a limited company with a capital of 1,500 €, registered with the  RCS Paris under the number 539 998 328, head office situated 3, rue Bonaparte à Paris (75006).




The website www.findartdoc.com, including all it’s elements (texts, graphics, pictures, sounds, information, plans, logos, software, etc) other than the present documents, are the exclusive property of INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS.


The website www.findartdoc.com, as well as it’s elements are protected depending on the intellectual property law and therefore depend on the French and International legislation concerning the matter. All information is most particulary protected, as defined by the article

L.112-3 of the intellectual properly code « collections of works, information or other independant elements, laid out in a systematic or methodical manner and accessible by either electronic or any other methods ».


Consequently this means that the User and all those using the website, whether or not they subscribed to a subscription are bound to agree not to infringe any intellectual property law concerning INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS and not to use any element of the website www.findartdoc.com, without the permission of the company.


The user also promises not to reproduce on any base, to modify, alter, diffuse, pass on, give, hire, sell or in any way use all or part of the website without the permission of INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS.




INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS places at the disposal of the User on the website www.findartdoc.com, a high definition numerical library of reproductions of magazines, monographs, general books, sale catalogues and exhibition catalogues devoted to 20th century art throughout the World and it’s cultures.


The User who subscribes to a subscription has the advantage of unlimited access to the numerical library for consulting documents on-line. However the User cannot, in any way, download, extract or share with a third party the documents on-line.


The subscriptions proposed to the User are a 1 day, 1 month, 6 month 1 year, renewed by successive periods (exept by 1 day), unless cancelled by the User.


The fixed  1 day subscription price is ten euros (10,00 €) tax free, that is to say twelve euros (12,00 €) including VAT.

The fixed  monthly subscription price is twenty nine euros and ninety cents (29,90 €) tax free, that is to say thirty five euros and eighty eight cents (35,88 €) including VAT.

The fixed  6 month subscription price is one hundred and twenty euros (120 €) tax free, that is to say one hundred forty four euros (144 €) including VAT.

The fixed  1 year subscription price is twenty nine euros and one hundred eighty (180 €) tax free, that is to say two hundred and sixteen euros (216 €) including VAT.


Owing to the fact that the subscription includes payments already approved by the service of payment on-line, PayPal, wire transfer and Stripe, the User authorises INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS, to debit the recurring withdrawals of a fixed amount on their PayPal account.


The User expressively recognizes that on subscribing to a subscription he authorizes  INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS, to debit their PayPal account, the first time for the initial subscriptions and then in the (5) days of each new period, as long as the subscription is renewed by tacit agreement and not cancelled by the User. (exept 1 day subscription, free)


The cancellation by the User of his subscription to the website www.findartdoc.com,  must arrive no later than the expiration of the latest period. The User owes the amount due until the expiry date when the cancellation becomes valid.


Immediately after cancellation, the User’s subscription will be deactivated (but their account not closed,) with no right of repayment for the ourstanding periods.


All modification of the fixed monthly price will be made known to the User at least one (1) month beforehand on the website www.findartdoc.com, and by e-mail. Under these circumstances the User will be able to cancel their subscription without charges according to the normal conditions of cancellation.


INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS are able to suspend or cancel without notice any subscription unpaid by the User or in case of infringement of the present General Conditions of Use.


For more exact information for the User, here below are the articles L.215-1 L215-3 and L214-3 of the consumer’s code :


Article L215-1

Concerning contrats for provision of a service made for a determined period with a renewal clause, the professional service provider informs the consumer in writing , by registered letter or by dedicated e-mail, at the earliest, three months beforehand, or the latest, one month before the end of the period authorising the rejection of renewal, of the possibility of not renewing the contract made with a clause of renewal. This information, given in clear, comprehensible terms, mentioning in a visible box, the renewal date.


When this information has not been adressed to them according to the arrangement of the first paragraph, the consumer can cancel a contract free of charges at any moment after the renewal date.


The advances made after the last renewal date, or concerning limited period contracts, after transformation of the initial fixed period contracts are reimbursed in this case within a delay of thirty days counting from the cancellation date, after deducting the corresponding amount, from the execution of the contract until then.


The arrangements for the present article are applied so as not to be detrimental to those who submit legally certain contracts with specific rules concerning the consumer.




Article L215-3

The arrangements in the present chapter are also applied to contracts made between professionals and non-professionals.


Article L241-3

When the professional has not yet started the reimbursement under the conditions provided in article L215-1, the amounts owing bear interest at the legal rate.


Any question from the User concerning the subscription to the website could be sent to the following address : service-client@findartdoc.com.




The User renounces expressly, in accordance with the article L.221-28 13° of the consumer’s code to his right of withdrawal as defined in the article L.221-18 of the aforementioned Code.




The User must not use the website www.findartdoc.com, for illicite or unlawful reasons nor the contents of the numerical library for commerce. They must accept to conform to the laws and reglements in force and promise not to infringe the rights and interests of INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS and of a third party.


The User recognizes expressly that a third party could be entitled to the rights, notably those of the author on part of the documentation constituent the numerical library.The User is forbidden notably to reproduce on any support, modify, alter, distribute, transmit, give, hire, sell and in general to exploit all or a part of this documentation without a previous written authorisation.


The User promises to give correct, precise and present information when opening their account and to update this information when necessary.


The User declares and garantees that the applied law authorises them access to the website www.findartdoc.com.


The User garantees INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS against all complaints, doubts or contesting made by the User and that the company might be subject to, notably in the case of infringement of the present General Conditions of Utilisation, and they promise to support all the financial consequences that could result for INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS.




Anyone who esteems that one or several documents contained in the numerical library infringe legitimate rights and interests are able to inform INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS by e-mail at the address juridique@findartdoc.com, by indicating the exact reference of the document or contents concerned. INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS will then proceed with the necessary verifications.









The INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS company collects and deals with the personal data relating to the User. This data is as following :


– inscription and payment : Mr. Mrs. Miss, surname, first name, date of birth, postal address.         telephone number, mail address and password, PayPal account details ;


– utilisation data, connection and cookies : details of the utilisater’s account, details of research and numerical library consultations, details of technical data such as URL information, cookies, IP address.


This personal data is collected and dealt with in order to manage the access and inscription to the website www.findartdoc.com, to treat payments, to manage invoicing and accountancy, improve the proposed services, to elaborate the statistics on the use of the services, to contact the Users and deal with complaints.


This personal data is not given up, hired out and exchanged with a third party nor used in canvassing for business.


This personal data is used with respect for the reglementation in force and notably to the law relating to computor science, of mailing lists and of liberties modified on January 6 th 1978.


The company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS assures the confidentiality and the security of this data according to the techniques and data protection law in force. They promise not to conserve a User’s data more than two (2) years after closing the account.


Conform to the articles 39 and 40 relating to computors, listings and liberties, modified on  January 6 th 1978, the User can have the benefit of access and rectification of their personal data.


The User can notably:


– obtain the confirmation that the personal data concerning them are, or are not, to be dealt with ;


-obtain information relating to the end of the data processing, the different categories treated and the names of the persons recieving this information ;


-obtain the communication of the data that concerns them personally as well as all information concerning it’s origin ;


-insist that all information concerning them must be rectified, completed, updated, closed or erased, if found to be inexact, incomplete, questionable, out of date or if the collection, utilisation, communication or conservation is forbidden.






The User can exercise their rights by writing to INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS at the following e-mail address : juridique@findartdoc.com.


The User can also use, by way of their web browser, the right to oppose the analysis of their web browser and a right of access to data collected by any visitor analysis tool.




The company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS as well as its employees, agents, associates and management cannot be held responsable concerning any eventual damage caused by the User resulting from errors, carelessness, negligence that they themselves have committed while using the proposed services, notably by infringing the present General Conditions of Use.


The company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS as well as its employees, agents, associates and management are not responsable in the case of a momentary unavailable website or misfunctionning of the whole or part of the website www.findartdoc.com, except if the User is able to prove that they were not responsible.


Finally, INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS as well as its employees, agents, associates and management will not be held responsable in the case of an incident of payment resulting in the use of the PayPal on-line service as they have no control over this.




The website www.findartdoc.com, and the whole of the elements and contents that make it up are supplied and put at the disposal of the User in a certain condition, that according to the pieces available might have eventual imperfections not garanteed in any way.


It is so notably in the available documentation, as the quality of the image depends state of the work on the original paper, of the recent numerical techniques and the type of screen used by the User.


The company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS exclude all garantees, express or implicit and declare notably not to garantee the availability without interruption nor the functioning without faults of the website www.findartdoc.com, and do not garantee the exactitude and exhaustiveness of the information and contents available on the numerical library.





In the case of a difference with the company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS, the User can send a claim letter to the following address : juridique@findartdoc.com.


If no amical agreement can be made between the two parties, the User has the possibility to have a consumer’s mediator. The User must contact the mediator on the website : https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home.show.


The mediator the most competent to arrange any eventual differences with the company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS is the Association MEDIATION-NET situated 3, rue des Morillons in Paris (75015)






The present General Conditions of Use forms the whole agreement between the company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS and the User. They govern the use that the User makes of the website www.findartdoc.com concerning his inscription and replace eventual agreements already made.

The User recognises that their inscription is personal and non-transferable. They are therefore not authorized to give to others or to delegate the whole or part of their rights and obligations without a written consent from INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS.


All use of the same utiliser’s account by several people will be sanctioned.


The company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS can transfer the present Generales Conditions of Use and/or the following rights and substitute all third parties that they have chosen for their application and their execution and accepted expressly by the Utilisator.


If any clause of the present General Conditions is reputated not written or cancelled by a competent jurisdiction, it is expressly understood that this will not affect the validity nor the enforceable force of these General Conditions of Use which will stay in force and be applied for the clauses that rest.


In the case of an eventual contradiction between the present General Conditions of Use and a version in another language, the French version is the acceptable one.




The present General Conditions of Use are subject to French Law.


Any dispute resulting from formation, interpretation and the execution of the present will be under the exclusive competences of the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal, subject to the application of contrary legal agreements of public order.




The subscription on the website www.findartdoc.com, cannot be used until after the acceptation of the present General Conditions of Use.


The company INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS reserve the right to modify and up-date at any moment its General Conditions of Use. All modification or up-dating will be in force from the moment of being on-line on the website www.findartdoc.com. It will be made know to the User as soon as it enters in force.






INTERNET ART SOLUTIONS, société à responsabilité limitée au capital de 1 500 €

RCS de Paris n° 539 998 328

Siège social : 75006 Paris

Numéro de TVA intracommunautaire : Fr13 539 998 328 00014

Adresse email : service-client@findartdoc.com

Directeur de la publication : Monsieur Arnaud Plaisance



Siège social : 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France