[NUMBER 596] 596 “CHEF” OF SILVER SERVING AS RELIQUARY NUREMBERG, 16TH CENTURY Realistic representation of head of a saint, assumed to be St. Law-rence. Worked in repoussé, the skull acting as cover made to hinge. The neck with the folds of a sutane held by agrafe. A piece has been cut out of the bottom by a despoiler in an attempt to remove the relie. Poinçons. Height, 91/2 inches Compare “Chefs” serving as reliquaries in “La Collection Spitzer”, Paris, 1890, vol. 1, pp. 129 and 130, Nos. 102 and 103. From the Spitzer legacies. Inventory No. 3873. [SEE ILLUSTRATION] 597 RELIQUARY OF SILVER-GILT WITH NIELLO PLAQUES AND FIGURES D’APPLIQUE IN PART FRENCH, 14TH CENTURY On a small casket, designed to resemble a columnar edifice and com-posed of colonnades, are applied the seated figures of the Virgin and Child repeated four times, and the figure of a bishop saint repeated twice. These figures in low relief on plaques of silver with diapers of gold on niello ground, on the interior inscriptions; the cover with an interior slide. The figures of 14th century workmanship, the edi-fice of a much later date. Height, 41/2 inches; length, 51/2 inches From the Spitzer legacies. Inventory No. 3906. [SEE ILLUSTRATION, FOLLOWING PAGE] 297